I received an important and insightful email about bunnies, published with permission:

Hi! I just read your recent comic about the girl relating to a bunny, and while it was a nice idea, I just want to clarify something. Rabbits do not have all that short of a lifespan. On average, domestic rabbits live for about ten years, and with proper care many can live well into their teens. They require about the same investment of time as a cat would. 

While it may seem like a trivial fact, I have been involved in rescuing abandoned and neglected rabbits. People assume that rabbits are short-lived “throw away” pets, and when they require more care than their misinformed owner bargained for, they are abandoned. Here in Oregon, our shelters are overwhelmed with unwanted rabbits. Reinforcing the idea that rabbits are short-lived is harmful to all the work that many rabbit welfare organizations are trying to accomplish. Of course, the fact that rabbits breed like, well, rabbits, and not many people are aware of the fact that they can be spayed and neutered doesn’t help much either. 

I’d just like to pass this on to you for your own awareness. I’m not asking you to do anything with your comic, it’s up to you whether or not you want to amend it or leave it alone. I’d just like you to know that rabbits aren’t all that short-lived!

It’s good to remember the neglect pets often face, and the misinformation spread about their needs! I wrote “short” lifespans in relation to ours, but the difference isn’t really that great. So while it’s mathematically possible the cute bunny you see in a .gif has since passed on, it’s more likely alive and well somewhere, and perhaps in need of a home!


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Someone important must have linked to me because I doubled my followers today

I just started a side blog for pokemon art in the spirit of National Geographic

Due to all the reblogs of my last comic, there are about a dozen tumblr users saying they’ll have to actually name their next pet rabbit “Bunedict Carrotpatch.”

Thanks so much for the follows and reblogs, everyone! Thanks to you, I am going to be the proud godparent of innumerable adorably named buns.


Trubbish Christmas Trouble is finally up!

Cover art by the always wonderful Vondell Swain, with the other credits on the credits page.

There’s a FAIR NUMBER OF MISSING PAGES which is why I hadn’t put it up (that and being on vacation) but if they trickle in eventually I’ll be fine since I’m never taking this page down.


I doubt there’s anyone following me who does not follow Matt, but just in case here’s his heartwarming and collaborative holiday Trubbish story! It is good! I drew a page of it

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